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The Hoosiers are 15-7 on the season. 

They’re 5-6 in the Big Ten which is good for 8th in the conference. They’ve lost three straight and four out of the last six games. 

It’s been a rough go for Archie Miller’s squad as of late. 

The long time voice of the Hoosiers Don Fischer made his weekly Monday stop on The Dan Dakich Show to give his thoughts on this IU team. 

What has been the problem in 2019-2020 so far?

“This team needs a leader,” Fischer told Dan.

“It needs a guy who is an alpha male, who steps up, tells everybody what’s what, isn’t afraid to tell everybody what’s what, and understands what a team is all about. That’s what I think this team is missing right now.”

This is nothing new for the Hoosiers according to Fischer. 

The search for a leader has been a problem for much longer than just this season. 

“This is a problem that has been ongoing for the last six or seven years. I can’t remember the last time that Indiana had a real leader on their basketball team. I’m saying that to be honest. I’m not putting anybody down. I’m simply making a statement. Yogi (Ferrell) was probably the last guy that was a leader on this ball club.”

Yogi left IU in 2016. 

Recruiting classes have been great in talent, but Fischer made it clear that the team needs more than just that. 

As for expectations now and the rest of the year? 

“I think with the exception of a couple of guys this is just a pretty average basketball team. I think there are a couple guys on this team that are really pretty good, and they’re going to be really good…I’m just saying I think it’s a pretty average basketball team except for a couple of guys, and those two or three guys can make a difference, but they’ve got to be in a position to do that. I’m not sure they are at this point.”

We’ll see how the Hoosiers finish down the stretch, and if they can become more than just average. 

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