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The ongoing conversation about the Colts quarterback position continued on Tuesday morning’s Fan Morning Show with Jeff & Big Joe

Mike Wells stopped by to talk about the possibilities facing the Colts at the league’s most important position. 

One name that could possibly fit? 

Derek Carr

Rumor has it Tom Brady may be the next and first quarterback of the Las Vegas Raiders in 2020. So where would that lead Carr? 

“If the Raiders were to part ways with Derek Carr, If I’m the Colts I’m taking a flyer. I’m seeing what it would take to get a guy like Derek Carr,” Wells told Jeff & Big Joe. 

Carr still has three years and $25 million on his contract that he signed before Jon Gruden became the head coach. The Colts would have to absorb that which means they would be committing to him for longer than a “stop-gap”. 

Why does Wells think Carr could work in Indy? 

“I like Derek Carr as a quarterback. I thought he had a pretty successful season with Jon Gruden,” said Wells.

“You put him with a Frank Reich, who I believe is an exceptional offensive minded coach, I think that’s something you look at because I know the Colts aren’t ready to throw in that white towel on Jacoby Brissett, but I’m not sure you’d be able to expect to make a deep run in the playoffs with Jacoby Brissett as quarterback.”

And there lies the other half of the quarterback dilemma. It’s not that you’d be in love with a guy like Derek Carr – you just think he’d be a better option than what you already have. 

Another problem for the Colts, though, is quarterback is far from the only need this team has. 

“They’ve got so many needs. I mean what is the order with these needs? I mean when you think about it – wide receiver, tight end, pass rusher, obviously potential quarterback, I mean how do you rate this? And I haven’t even talked about if Anthony Castonzo decides to retire.”

That will be the first domino of the offseason. If Castonzo comes back then it’s head down to find a quarterback. 

If he doesn’t then well…you better find someone to protect Jacoby’s backside. 

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