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Anthony Richardson‘s rookie season was cut short because of an A/C joint sprain in his right shoulder. He has resumed throwing within the last couple of weeks, but there is still a lot to be desired from the 21-year-old.

Richardson didn’t receive the opportunities C.J. Stroud did last season with Houston. He didn’t get the chance to play for a playoff game, try to lead Indianapolis back from deficits, or have one drive to send Indianapolis to the playoffs. Gardner Minshew received all those opportunities.

NFL Network Analyst Charles Davis joined Query & Company Wednesday afternoon from the NFL Combine and was asked a question that people wondered leading up to draft. Can Anthony Richardson become a franchise quarterback?

“In my gut, yes, because of your head coach. Shane Steichen, I think, is going to understand not only to develop this young man, but to play to this young man. We always hear about having to coach to what your talent is, not what your scheme is. I think because Shane Steichen understands that and gets it and have the conviction with management with Chris Ballard to draft this young man.” Davis stated.

The shoulder injury happened a game after returning from a concussion he suffered in their week two win in Houston. After appearing in four games with two injuries and other bruises, can he be labeled as injury prone after one season?

“I don’t have the cause for concern at this time, but you’ve got to be prepared for it because if he’s going to be that big of a part of the run game, I don’t care how you’re built, you know what’s hitting you. It’s a little bit different.  He’s going to have to learn to protect himself better, he’s going to have to learn getting out of bounds is cool, you don’t have to drop the shoulder to take another hit to show you’re Robocop, even though you look like it.” – Charles Davis

General Manager Chris Ballard even hinted during his press conference on Wednesday that the Colts need to make sure they are doing a good job at protecting Richardson. Does that mean schematically? Pass protection? Improved supporting cast?

One thing is for certain, Indianapolis can be confident that Shane Steichen gives the Colts a chance to win every week.

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