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At the trade deadline last season, the Indiana Pacers brought home the kid from Broad Ripple that dazzled at IUPUI. It was George Hill‘s second stint with the Pacers.

Now the point guard is 37 years old and living in San Antonio on a ranch with many exotic animals. Zebras, deer, kangaroos, and many other animals.

While taking care of his animals and being a father of two, he still manages to find time to work out and get shots up in case a team needs his services.

“Still working out everyday basketball wise from 9am to 11am and weights 11:30am to 1pm. Still in the gym getting better just in case someone calls and wants me to a roster.” George Hill stated on Query & Company Tuesday afternoon.

Hill appeared in 46 games last year between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Indiana Pacers. He finished his 18th season with a 17-point performance in a 141-136 Pacers win at Madison Square Garden. Everyone knew though he was mainly sought after for his leadership, experience, and wisdom that he could share with the young players.

“They wanted me back there and the younger guys wanted me around. I did a great job of stepping in and being a mentor. I had high hopes thinking I would possibly have the opportunity to come back there this year. Things happen and the opportunity wasn’t there. It’s okay, I understand it’s a business. Would I have loved to come back? For sure. Everyone knows how much Indiana means to me and ending my career as a Pacer would have been super awesome. If the opportunity is still there, then I’m sure I will embrace it with open arms, but it’s not there right now.” George revealed.

Either way, he’s content with his life right now as father of two while living a quiet life in San Antonio with his own home zoo.

Other topics that George Hill discussed with Jake Query & Jimmy Cook were:

  • What it’s like being traded during the season
  • Would he play overseas at this stage of his career?
  • What he’s doing this weekend in Indianapolis during All-Star weekend

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