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Los Angeles Lakers v Minnesota Timberwolves

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During Wednesday’s edition of The Ride With JMV, Minnesota Timberwolves head coach Chris Finch joined the show to talk to JMV about the upcoming NBA All-Star Game in Indianapolis, where he will be coaching the Western Conference All-Stars. 

Coach Finch first spoke about the surreal nature of being selected to coach an NBA All-Star team, and his excitement for the event.  

“I really never even thought I’d be coaching in the NBA, it wasn’t a stated goal of mine. I always thought I’d be a small college coach somewhere, but the way things have unfolded for me, I’ve been really lucky, and this is just one more opportunity I can’t believe that I get. Not many times in your career these days that you kind of get anxious or nervous about your environment after you’ve been in a lot of different situations, but this one has the makings of that nervous excitement that you have when you walk into something that feels really big.” 

Coach Finch also talked about if he has any scripted plays prepared for the All-Star Game. 

“I’ve not thought about it a ton, I have made some phone calls to people around the league that I know have done it before, and have gotten some advice. The NBA is a player driven, star-player league, and I’m going to leave it up to them. ‘Hey, give me your favorite plays, and we’ll try and incorporate them’, and we’ll have a lot of fun with the guys too. I’m hoping that we put on a good show. I like the fact that we’ve returned to the East-West format, I think it will infuse some natural competition, and I’m confident the guys will give us a good performance on Sunday.” 

Listen to JMV’s full conversation with Timberwolves and Western Conference All-Stars head coach Chris Finch down below, and tune into The Ride With JMV weekdays from 3-6pm on 93.5/107.5 The Fan! 

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