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Sacramento Kings v Indiana Pacers

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The NBA Trade Deadline came and went last week, with the Indiana Pacers being surprisingly active in trading away Buddy Hield and others, while acquiring some draft capital and former Pacer Doug McDermott.  

With the NBA All-Star break just around the corner, Pacers general manager Chad Buchanan joined The Ride With JMV, where he spoke about the decision to trade Hield.  

“Sometimes you’ve got to make a really tough decision that short term, maybe doesn’t help your team a ton, but it’s trying to put yourself in a position to be good and build the stuff that it takes to be a championship team in the coming years. It was a tough decision, but it’s also something [that’s] part of our process, there’s going to be more along the way that you’ve got to make, and we’ve got to identify who are the pieces that we want to keep moving forward.” 

Chad also talked about if it was difficult to trade Hield to an Eastern Conference rival in the 76ers. 

“I think when you make trades, that is a small factor, but you ultimately have got to do what’s best for your organization long term, and take the deal that is best for your team, rather than settling for another option that’s not as appealing or not as helpful for you long term. I mean ideally you’re not sending him to a competitor, but in this case that was the best option for that was presented, and we chose to do that, and we wish him the best. I mean he’s a great player, he’s a great shooter, loved having him here for the time that he was with us, and we wish him nothing but the best in Philly.” 

Finally, Chad gave his opinion on if the Pacers sluggish first game without Hield against the Warriors was due to the impact of trading Hield away.  

“I think that had our guys a little shocked, losing a teammate is always an adjustment. We’re also at the point of the season where the All-Star break is around the corner and I think guys are looking forward to a little bit of a break too, so it was a combination of that, and like I said you’re playing a good team that’s a hot team, and we just looked a little flat that night.” 

Chad and JMV also spoke about the NBA All-Star Game, Tyrese Haliburton, extending Pascal Siakam and more! Listen to the full conversation down below, and tune into The Ride With JMV from 3-6pm on 93.5/107.5 The Fan!

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