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There has been recent discussion of Colts Shane Steichen being a candidate for “Coach of the Year”. Matt Verderame of Sports Illustrated has been impressed with Steichen’s accomplishments. 

If the Colts make the playoffs, Steichen absolutely should get a couple of votes. I don’t think he’d win, but he deserves a lot of credit for taking a team… here they are playing meaningful football in December without their starting quarterback and most of the year without Jonathan Taylor. That is a hell of an accomplishment. 

Verderame began his appearance today dismissing news of Aaron Rodgers return this year to the Jets. He sees talk of a Rodgers return as just “talk”. The Jets are not in the hunt for a playoff position this year, and a return for Rodgers has no benefit for the Jets other than people being interested in the Jets.

When the discussion turned to the Colts, Verderame talked about how this year was always going to be about building a roster around Richardson. A Colts playoff berth was not necessarily expected from the onset. Jake asked if having a good record this year hurts the team next year because their schedule will be more challenging. Verderame rejected that concern. Winning this year changes the narrative of what has been a long drought for the team. Having a more difficult schedule next year and having a lower draft pick is not as important as changing the culture of the past few seasons. 

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