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Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots

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I’m saying it right now:  The Sunday slate in Week 10 was the best NFL Sunday we’ve had this season.  Multiple thrilling, down to the wire games in both main windows from the Texans stunning the Bengals, Browns pulling off a comeback against the Ravens, Lions outslug the Chargers in an high-scoring affair, Kyler Murray returns and leads the Cardinals past the Falcons, Steelers edge the Packers and the Seahawks holding off the Commanders was all fantastic stuff.  There was some crap as well.  We’ll get into some of that below! Without further ado….

Bad Scary: The New England Patriots Are Complete Ass 

Who would have ever said that just a couple of years ago?  But this isn’t your grandpa’s or father’s or even your 5-year old’s Patriots.  This team absolutely blows.  Mac Jones looks completely mentally wrecked, the offensive weapons are old and bad, the defense isn’t much better and Bill Belichick is so off his game he’s getting caught doing the walk of shame after a one-night stand.  (There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.)

The worst part is they look like a team with very little if any talent on the current roster that can be bookmarked to be part of the team even two seasons from now.  This looks like a team needing to tear it all the way down and start all over.  It was fun while it lasted but this Patriots team is anything but fun to watch.

Good Scary: Houston, The Texans Are A Problem

A year ago the Houston Texans were a team in complete transition.  Trading away the walking lawsuit that was Deshaun Watson for a haul and resetting their roster with a ton of draft capital highlighted by the selections of C.J. Stroud and Will Anderson.  Stroud has been outstanding on the season and has breathed new life into an organization that looked to be on life support 12 months ago.  A thrilling win over the Bengals pushes the Texans to 5-4 and very realistically in the playoff hunt in a jumbled AFC.  They are a very fun team to watch and if they keep playing like this, it could be a team we see playing in some very meaningful games in January.

Bad Scary: New York Teams Need National Spotlight Ban

This doesn’t apply to you, Buffalo Bills.  This is for the absolutely horrendous Giants and Jets that continue to be getting force fed down our throats in primetime and nationally televised games. The Giants got boat raced by the Dallas Cowboys for the second time this season, a 49-17 dismantling that wasn’t even as close as that score indicates.  That game was somehow given the “America’s Game of the Week” moniker and the spotlight game of FOX despite the Giants trotting out Tommy DeVito at quarterback and looking like an empty cell of a football carcass.  Danny DeVito would have likely played better.

The Jets played the Raiders on Sunday Night Football, clearly meant to be Aaron Rodgers against Davante Adams in the schedule maker’s mind. But with Rodgers out and Zach Wilson looking completely lost out there it would have made perfect sense to flex out of that game and opt for multiple better options.  Shockingly, NBC stuck with the game and it was as bad as expected.  The Jets offense under Zach Wilson is anemic and not a fun watch.  Both New York team need to get the Colts treatment when it comes to nationally televised games and be on the banned list for a couple of years for subjecting America to this garbage.

Good Scary: How Are The Steelers Doing This?

The Pittsburgh Steelers held off the Green Bay Packers on Sunday 23-19 and improved to 6-3 on the season.  6-3! How is that even possible?  They’ve been outgained by their opponent in each of the first nine games yet are three games over .500.  It’s absolutely mind blowing that they have the record they have.  Kenny Pickett has been far from spectacular but the defense keeps them in all of their games and just makes life difficult for opponents.  Their true tests are on the way with games against the Bengals (2), Ravens, Browns and Seahawks among their final eight games. We’ll see where they stand after that but for now it looks like Mike Tomlin once again has his team ready to play each and every Sunday.


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