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Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts

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Aside from the name in the title and the accompanying picture for this blog we will not speak of who we’re all sick of talking about.  You’re tired of hearing about it?  Try talking about it at length five days a week for the past month and a half.

This is your escape.  You want to keep your eyes on the Colts trimming their roster to 53-men by the end of the day?  Great.  You want to go to TCU Amphitheatre and see The Pixies and Modest Mouse tonight?  Have at it!  How active do you want the Colts to be on the waiver wire?  Is Hard Knocks better than expected this year?  Why did ‘Swamp Kings’ leave out so much juicy stuff and opt for an Urban Meyer puff piece?

What’s the most recent YouTube wormhole you went down?  For me, it was watching the dying days of WCW and Hulk Hogan being confronted by “The Wall”, a generic-looking big man wrestler who for whatever reason looked to be about 3 miles from the ring as he stood on the roof of a Florida hotel some fifteen stories away.  Hulk Hogan is screaming at this man from the center of a wrestling ring while The Wall holds his hand in the air from miles away.  Oh, crappy wrestling really does it for me.

Have you had any fantasy football drafts yet?  I had one and I’m pissed because it appeared I was going to luck into Justin Herbert near the end of round 7 and the guy in front of him grabbed me and all of a sudden I was staring the likes of Daniel Jones, Tua and Anthony Richardson in the face.  I reluctantly opted for Tua and added Aaron Rodgers (barf) as my backup.  Not ideal but we’ll see.

Isn’t this nice?  Not talking about the thing that’s been talked and screamed about for over a month now?  Isn’t this a nice escape?  Are you still reading these words or am I just typing into an empty void?

Top five kid’s show that adults can enjoy too:

  1. Bluey (Disney+)
  2. The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse (Disney+, kind of Ren & Stimpy-ish surprisingly)
  3. Sesame Street (HBO/PBS, still gets it done)
  4. Green Eggs & Ham (Netflix)
  5. Wild Kratts (PBS)

By all means, keep your kids away from the YouTube crap that’s out there.  YouTube Shorts are the absolute worst and I wish I could block it on all devices.  My kid’s love watching that junk and it offers zero educational value, is usually just a bunch of fast-talking dorks and can have some pretty questionable content targeted at kids.  Also, Ryan’s World/A For Adley/Blippy, get it all the hell out of here.

Okay, I hate to say it but I think this is the end of the blog.  I hope you enjoyed the brief distraction I provided.  Feel free to thank me by sending beer or bourbon.  We’ve got this.  We made it through four months of draft discussion, we’re almost done with this.  At least I hope so. Worst-case scenario is it drags into the season but at least we’ll have plenty of actual football games to distract us.

Stay strong!

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