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Cue up Journey’s “Separate Ways” or “We Are Never Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift.  Whatever your breakup song of choice is it should be played at full volume on repeat for where we’re headed with Jonathan Taylor and the Colts.

A divorce seems inevitable at this point and a divorce is needed.  These are “irreconcilable differences” that would be cited in court filings.  They have to break up and both sides are at fault.

So now that Chris Ballard and the Colts are open to listening to trades for their All-Pro running back, what (and who) will be on the other line of these phone calls?  Teams that are desperate for running backs are few and far between with roster cuts still yet to have taken place and no major injuries at the position have really occurred.  The Colts are reportedly looking for a first-round pick or some combination of compensation that equates to the value of a first-round pick….GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

Given the drama surrounding Taylor, the lingering questions regarding his health and the fact that any team that trades for Taylor will have to pony up (no pun intended) with a brand new, big money contract I find it really hard to believe some GM is going to part with a first-round pick as well as a Brinks truck full of cash.

This may sound like an odd place to look for draft compensation but when looking at the Colts-Commanders trade with Carson Wentz involved two third-round picks, one with conditions attached.  I could see the Colts receiving a 2024 third-round pick and a 2025 conditional third-round pick which involves Taylor hitting certain thresholds for total yards or touchdowns or something of that nature.  If he doesn’t reach those parameters then it would fall to a fourth-round pick.  I think that makes a lot of sense where the Colts gets still some pretty favorable draft compensation and the team acquiring Taylor is also not getting hammered with draft pick value and will make a contract extension an easier pill to swallow.

I still don’t think we’re near the finish line with this Taylor situation but I think we’ve at least reached a level where we know what the goal is and where this is headed: a clean break and a fresh start for all parties involved.

It’s time to move on.


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