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NFL: OCT 15 Colts at Jaguars

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INDIANAPOLIS – Here’s our latest ‘hits and misses’ piece on highlighting the good and bad from the previous game.

It was yet another double-digit, turnover-filled loss for the Colts in Jacksonville.

What was the good and bad from the Colts (3-3) losing to the Jaguars, 37-20, on Sunday afternoon?

1. Hits: Rookie Cornerback Opportunities

NFL: OCT 15 Colts at Jaguars Source:Getty

Rookie Cornerback Opportunities: This might be odd to have in the “hits” category. Although I was scrambling a bit for individual positives from Sunday, let’s focus on the ups (while pointing out there were “downs” too) for rookie cornerbacks JuJu Brent’s and Jaylon Jones. Brents had more on Sunday than Jones, but both guys are getting such terrific opportunities moving forward. There will be growing pains, and there were on Sunday. The hope though is the Colts reap some benefits from the corner youth movement down the road 

2. Misses: Gardner Minshew

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars Source:Getty

Gardner Minshew: Even if you hold Gardner Minshew to “backup quarterback” standards, that was not a good outing. The interceptions, in particular, were crippling, and came in situations where the ball did not need to be forced (the first two came on a first down and then a second down). Honestly, the Minshew we saw on Sunday looked like a guy not ready for the moment of returning to face a former team that had traded him. It was very out of character for a guy who usually protects the ball very well.

3. Misses: Offensive Approach

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars Source:Getty

Offensive Approach: What would you consider the strength of the Colts offense? The running back duo/potential of Jonathan Taylor and Zack Moss, Right? That’s why I was shocked to get to halftime on see Gardner Minshew have 3 times the pass attempts versus combined touches for Taylor and Moss. Yes, the Jaguars have had a nice start to the year stoppling the run but this approach by Shane Steichen played away from his offense’s strength and didn’t fully test a Jaguars team playing a game a week after spending 10 days in London (and playing two games). The arm of Minshew or the legs of Moss and Taylor? 

4. Misses: Matching The Intensity

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars Source:Getty

Matching The Intensity: When you factor in the Jags potential hangover from London, that the Colts lost the first meeting between these two teams and that Indy hadn’t won in Jacksonville since 2014, it should be little debate who needed to set the line for Sundays intensity. Yet it was the Jaguars who punched harder and faster throughout the opening half. Just like with the Rams a few weeks ago, the Colts didn’t take capitalize of a scheduling advantage over their opponent.

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