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INDIANAPOLIS The NFL will continue to use an expanded practice squad in 2022, and it’s an avenue the Colts have tapped into quite a bit in recent years.

Just a reminder that practice squads will remain at 16 players, with 6 veterans allowed. Each member of the practice squad can be promoted to the game day roster a maximum of 3 times during the season.

Here’s the first look at the Colts 2022 practice squad (with 2 open spots still).

  • RB-D’Vonte Price: An undrafted free agent of the Colts in 2022, Price is a big running back who was used a decent amount on special teams during camp. Price was cut by the Colts earlier this week. For now, the Colts do not have a veteran running back on their practice squad.


  • WR-Keke Coutee: This will be an early name to watch for those game day call-ups. Coutee just missed making the 53-man roster. He was on the practice squad last year and is the second most experienced/productive Colts wideout Colt on the active roster or practice squad (25 career games: 84 catches for 946 yards).


  • WR-Ethan Fernea: Another undrafted free agent of the Colts in 2022, Fernea caught 2 balls for 8 yards in the preseason, but did make a couple of nice plays on special teams.


  • TE-Nikola Kalinic: Kalinic came to the Colts from the Canadian Football League and spent this past offseason in Indy before being cut earlier this week.


  • TE-Jared Scott: One of the few newcomers on this list, Scott spent some time with the Carolina Panthers this offseason. Scott caught 2 balls for 19 yards this preseason. He went undrafted out of Idaho State.


  • OT-Jordan Murray: Murray, 25, spent the 2022 offseason with the Colts. His previous professional football experience has been in the Canadian Football League.


  • DE-Kameron Cline: For a period in August, it looked like Cline might sneak his way onto the 53-man roster. But he will continue to be a practice squad presence, which is where he’s largely been each of the last two seasons.


  • DT-Curtis Brooks: The lone 2022 draft pick cut by the Colts, Brooks returns to the practice squad. Brooks was a 6th round pick back in April but didn’t make much of an impact in camp, and also dealt with an eye early injury.


  • DT-Chris Williams: Williams was sidelined for multiple weeks in camp with a lower leg injury, and that really hurt his chances of making the team. The Colts are lacking some defensive tackle depth though.


  • LB-Forrest Rhyne: Rhyne, like several other undrafted linebackers, had some nice moments in camp. The Villanova product was cut by the Colts earlier this week.


  • CB-Chris Wilcox: Like the majority of names on this list, Wilcox spent the 2022 offseason with the Colts and was cut earlier this week. Wilcox was a 7th round pick of the Bucs last year and the Colts claimed him at roster cut down day in 2021.


  • CB-Tony Brown: After making an initial practice squad list on Wednesday, the Colts added Brown to the group later in the day. Brown made the original 53-man roster but was cut to make room for waiver claim Luke Tenuta. Brown has multi-team experience with Gus Bradley.


  • S-Will Redmond: Early on in camp, I thought Redmond could be on the 53-man roster. He did miss some time at Grand Park with an injury. Redmond has 34 games of NFL experience (5 career starts).


  • S-Marcel Dabo: Technically, Dabo doesn’t count against the Colts active roster or practice squad as he’s the international player exemption for the team in 2022. Dabo has some corner background in playing in Europe, but was lining up at safety in camp.

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