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The moment we’ve been waiting for arrives tonight when the NFL announces the 2022 schedules for all 32 teams.

Sure we’ve known the opponents for the last few months, but there’s nothing like simulating the season in your mind once you know exactly when your team is going to play.

In honor of the schedule releasing this evening, here are 5 wish list items we’d like to see from the fearless schedule making overlords.


  1. A REAL primetime home game for the Colts

Last year, the Colts primetime home game drought technically ended when they hosted the New York Jets on Thursday Night Football. But let’s be real, that doesn’t actually count does it? In my book it’s still been since 2017 that the Colts have had a REAL primetime home game. That must end this season.


2. Early road trip to Jacksonville 

The Jacksonville Jaguars delivered the deciding blow the to Colts’ playoff hopes in last year’s season finale. On top of that, the Colts haven’t won in Jacksonville in EIGHT YEARS! This is a monkey the Colts absolutely need to get off their backs, so why not get it out of the way early in the season?


3. Colts Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Wentz 

Yes, I’ll admit, the Star Wars shout out was extremely forced there but I couldn’t help myself. What that title really means is that the return of Carson Wentz to Lucas Oil Stadium should be a primetime revenge affair. I’m talking Monday Night Football epic proportions. There’s bad blood on the Colts side of things and there’s no doubt in my mind that Wentz has heard all the shots from the Colts. The question is, who will have the high ground?


4. Space the key division games out!

In 2021 the AFC South was decided before we hit November as the Tennessee Titans swept the Indianapolis Colts in their only two meetings. The problem with it all is these were the two contenders for the division crown and they had completed their series against one another in a span of 5 weeks. We can only hope that this year, the schedule makers take that into consideration and space out the meetings between the South’s front runners.


5. Sin City Special: Indiana takes over Las Vegas

The last item on our wish list is one that would create the biggest party of the entire regular season. The Colts play the Raiders this year in Las Vegas. While we don’t know when they will play, we do know that the Indiana Hoosiers Men’s Basketball team will play a non-conference game against the Arizona Wildcats on Saturday, December 10th. You thinking what I’m thinking? Put the Colts and Raiders game on Sunday, December 11th and let’s make a weekend of it! Of all the items on this wish list, this one might not be the most important but it would be the most fun.


For more of our thoughts on the Colts’ schedule release, check out the opening segment of The Dan Dakich Show below and keep listening weekdays 12-3pm on The Fan.


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