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Indianapolis – The #1 thing on every Colts fans since that end of season disappointing loss to the Jaguars is if they can upgrade Carson Wentz to a top tier QB for the 2022 season. Names like Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Derek Carr, and Jimmy Garoppolo have been floated out by fans wondering if they would be made available. JMV gave his thoughts on whether or not he thinks the Colts will have someone new starting under center for the 5th straight season:


“People have asked me all day, who are the guys out there? You gotta keep in mind that Russell Wilson is not out there. Aaron Rodgers is not officially out there. This dude is so wishy washy who knows when the hell he’s going to be officially out there or if he is officially out there. What is officially out there right now is crap. It’s not going to be worth the time and effort for the upheaval at the QB position. Derek Carr isn’t out there either. What may end up turning over the landscape of the QB position in the NFL? As I sit here right now nothing.”


Will the Colts decide to cut bait on Carson Wentz if the right QB comes along? With Owner Jim Irsay’s strong comments after the season and Chris Ballard’s non-commitment to Wentz in his post season press conference, everything seems to be on the table.