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Being inside Gainbridge Fieldhouse on Wednesday night during the ‘Quarter of Lance’ as the Indiana Pacers battled the Brooklyn Nets was incredible.

Lance Stephenson is a different human being in a Pacers jersey. And you don’t need to have an explanation for it either. He is ours, and we are Lance’s family.

Exactly how it should be.

Watching Lance go off also rolled a question into my mind. If there was one ever created, who would be on the Indianapolis sports Mount Rushmore? In response, I tweeted (what I thought) something that everyone would think is funny.

Well, it was funny. But apparently I pissed off a lot of people with that. Oh well.

Look at those responses. 😂 I love the passion of sports fans in this city. If there was a sports Mount Rushmore here, I would hope at least Lance is carved along the side in an honorable mention category.

Alright then, I posed my names. Who is on your Indy Mount Rushmore?

And to clarify, these are guys who played, coached, or did their work here. People just simply born in the Hoosier State don’t qualify.

Let’s hear it! Tweet me at @BKingSports.

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