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The Colts had Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the ropes heading into halftime of Sunday’s game, a 4-yard touchdown catch from T.Y. Hilton with 18 seconds remaining put them on top of Tampa Tom by 10 points.  They had all the momentum and then it all fizzled.  The tables turned and Tom Brady was the seven-time Super Bowl winner , Rob Gronkowski was Gronk and it was woe is me for the Colts yet again this season.  A 10-point lead vanished and what looked like an impressive win ended with a thud as Leonard Fournette scored the go-ahead touchdown with 20 seconds left.  The Colts fell to 6-6 and while they remain in the “IN THE HUNT” graphic their road to the playoffs took yet another turn.

What should be a layup against the Houston Texans now has even more riding on it, a huge primetime showdown against the resurgent New England Patriots looks like the start of a renewed rivalry, Kyler Murray and the Cardinals on Christmas Day could end up being a lump of coal, a huge game against the Raiders, likely to have major playoff implications for both teams before the finale against the Jaguars that will surely have more tense backsides than there should be given the recent struggles against lowly Jacksonville.

We’ll see where the Colts end up but the unquestionably blew a chance to leapfrog more than a couple of teams and breathe a little easier, but that isn’t this Colts team in 2021.  They seem to rely on pressure, their backs against the wall and being on the verge of utter collapse and yet they find a way.  How much longer can they toe the tightrope? Time will tell.  It was a golden opportunity and they lost it to the Golden Boy….again.

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