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The Colts collapsed on Monday Night Football against the Ravens in Baltimore in the 4th quarter. A 22-3 lead with 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter wasn’t enough as the Colts defense allowed touchdowns on 4 Ravens possessions in a row to fall in overtime 31-25. Lamar Jackson was able to torch the Colts defense for a career high 37/43 442 yds, 4 TD’s, 0 INT.

Fan Morning Show Host Kevin Bowen joined JMV Tuesday to dive into the Colts defensive issues and why this has seemingly become a trend under Defensive Coordinator Matt Eberflus when going against top NFL QBs:

“You can write a book one day in the Matt Eberflus era of historic performances from opposing QBs. We’re talking about Lamar Jackson who barely completed over half of his passes over the last 2 weeks. He goes out there and completes 86% of his passes. There are days where QB’s aren’t completing 87% of passes in 7v7…It’s a defense that has no semblance of disrupting timing. 7 yards easy money, and then it’s, what, another 5-7  yards after the catch and boom it’s 14 yards and Lamar got the ball out quick and they’re just moving down the field. I thought the pass rush at times had looked like it just had given up.”

The Colts secondary fought through injury, but it was still apparent that a major talent upgrade needs to take place in the future:

“That has been the biggest fault to me of the Ballard/Reich/Eberflus era. This past March, you shied away in free agency from doing really anything at those spots. Ya, you brought back Rhodes and TJ Carrie but really didn’t do anything else. It goes back to Ballard’s philosophy in general of drafting those core positions that really stand out today in the NFL, outside corner and pass rush. The whole nation just saw how weak the Colts have been there in those areas last night.”


The Colts have dropped to 1-4 on the season but with a weak AFC South and a Titans team that has underwhelmed so far, the playoffs are still attainable. If you missed any of JMV’s conversation with Kevin Bowen listen in the link below!

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