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It was announced last week that the Colts will be the first NFL team to participate in an in-season edition of HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ show and director Steve Trout joined Kevin Bowen and WISH-TV’s Charlie Clifford on Tuesday’s edition of The Fan Morning Show to discuss the filming process already being underway, dismissing the notion of this being a distraction for the team and how this all came about in the first place.

When it comes to the Colts being the first team to participate in-season, Trout said this process really started almost 50 years ago with two legends: NFL Films’ Steve Sabol and Packers’ coach Vince Lombardi.

Sabol wanted to do this in Lombardi’s last season in Green Bay.  Following one team, in-season and documenting it from the inside-out.  The Colts are one of the most forward-thinking teams in the league and talks with them went very, very well.

He also dismissed the idea that the show will be a distraction to players and coaches.

I’ve directed the show for years and by Day 2 or 3 the players and coaches forget we’re even there.  And God’s honest truth, that’s exactly what happens.  That’s our “fly on the wall” mentality.

Trout also went into details about how much work will go into the upcoming series.  The premiere, which airs November 17, will begin with a recap of the Colts’ season up to that point before putting the audience in a real-time situation with the team going forward through the end of the season.  To listen to the full interview, click the link below and be sure to listen to The Fan Morning Show with Kevin Bowen every weekday morning from 7-10am on 93.5 and 107.5 The Fan!