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The biggest takeaway from the Colts Week 1 loss to Seattle was the struggles of the Offensive Line.

During Thursday’s show JMV was joined by former Colts Offensive Lineman Joe Reitz to get a former players perspective on his expectations for the Colts line moving forward.

“I expect a highly motivated group to go out Sunday and take control and dominant the game. Trust me, I’ve been on plenty of Colts teams where we did not win and the offensive line is to blame. That’s a sick feeling. You literally have a sick feeling in your stomach all week but that motivates you to want to go out and have a better performance.”

JMV then asked Joe to take a look at the Rams offensive line and how the Colts can put pressure on Matthew Stafford to make him uncomfortable in the pocket:

“They have some good pieces on the line but nothing outstanding. In my opinion, if we look back on Monday morning after a Colts win, our defensive line has to whip their O line. We have to be able to get pressure with four guys and get after the QB. Stafford is a QB that likes to stand in the pocket and be able to pick apart the defense. We have to get pressure up the middle whether it’s blitzing or if it’s Buckner, Stewart, and Tyquan Lewis when he kicks inside. We have to get pressure on the middle three offensive lineman of the Rams and I think that’s an area that is not the team’s strength.”

While the NFL has expanded the schedule from 16 games to 17, only 30 teams have made the playoffs after starting 0-2. We’ll see if the Colts will be able to pressure Stafford and put a W in the win column for the first time in the 2021 Season.