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The Indiana Pacers need a head coach.

And one of their former coaches just hit the market.

Rick Carlisle has departed the Dallas Mavericks. A statement was released saying that he stepped down on his own terms. And it just happened to be just about 24 hours after GM Donnie Nelson was fired by the team.

Is there any possibility that Carlisle is about to give his own rendition of ‘Back Home Again in Indiana’?

Not if you ask JMV.

On The Ride with JMV Thursday, the show was live when the announcement was made about Carlisle. If you think about it though, would Carlisle actually leave Luka Doncic and the city of Dallas to come back here?

Maybe if Paul George was still around. But look at what is open.

The opportunity is there to go work under Brad Stevens and the Boston Celtics. How about heading to the bayou and coaching Zion Williamson and the New Orleans Pelicans? Or do you take a trip up to Portland to try and lure Damian Lillard back to the Trail Blazers?

The options are there.

For us around here, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed.

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