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After dissecting the firing of Nate Bjorkgren Wednesday on The Ride with JMV, Thursday’s show was all about hearing from the listeners.

Was it a coincidence that Bjorkgren got let go just as Terry Stotts was relieved of his duties with the Portland Trail Blazers?

Looking into the crystal ball, we’d like to think that Kevin Pritchard wants to hire someone with NBA head coaching experience. After all, this will be the most important Pacers off-season in the last decade.

They have to get this one done right.

Let’s hear from you.

Is Stotts the guy? After all, there’s an Indiana connection there with his high school diploma being from Bloomington North. Stotts was also a member of the 1976 Indiana All-Star Team.

Or how about a guy like Kenny Atkinson? He didn’t really warrant being fired in Brooklyn. They just pulled a quick one on him with the changing of the guard to Steve Nash. Atkinson is currently an assistant with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Will Pritchard continue to play the waiting game and see if Mike Budenholzer might be canned by the Milwaukee Bucks?

Maybe we’re on the right wavelength, or maybe not. Nobody had Bjorkgren on their Scrabble board last year.

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