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This is going to end up being the question of the summer around Indianapolis.

A lot has been said about Nate Bjorkgren over the last two months. Most of it has been pretty deflating. But Kevin Pritchard and company over at Bankers Life Fieldhouse have a monster decision to make.

Should Bjorkgren stay put as the head coach of the Indiana Pacers?

To add a little more to that question, do the current players on the Blue and Gold squad want Bjorkgren back?

J. Michael from the Indianapolis Star dropped A LOT of information on The Ride with JMV Tuesday.

“Only two people that said they wanted Bjorkgren definitely were T.J. McConnell and Doug McDermott,” J. Michael said. “I think part of their sensitivity towards it is that both of their fathers are coaches. Even though this guy made some miss-steps, they stood behind their coach. I could not find anyone else who said that they really want him back.”

Don’t forget though.

It was the players who captained the firing of Nate McMillan. They wanted the change. They wanted the new system.

“On the offensive side he showed a lot more creativity than the Pacers have seen in a long time,” J. Michael added. “You do have to credit him for that. What it comes down to is the players that do want him back, who are they? Are they the role players or the guys who will determine the fate of this team moving forward?”

Game. Set. Match.

That’s the most important thing J. Michael told JMV. Bjorkgren won’t be back if McDermott is his only friend.

If Bjorkgren doesn’t have the support of a Malcolm Brogdon, Domantas Sabonis, or Caris LeVert, it’s case closed.

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