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Imagine that you were 20-years-old; And you at that age just won the GMR Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

How would you enjoy the victory?

Now to be fair, you couldn’t legally partake in adult beverage consumption. But there’s still plenty of options.

We guarantee you that Indy GP Champion Rinus VeeKay had a different idea than you on how to celebrate.

“I took a break from working out which is rare but yesterday I did a 100-kilometer (62-mile) bike ride,” VeeKay told John on The Ride with JMV Monday. “I actually wanted to do 100-miles but I was too busy checking social media in the morning.”

That’s exactly what you would’ve had in mind too, right?

And if you’re curious, VeeKay rode his bike down to Martinsville. Just like every other Gen-Z race car driver would.

This kid is a stud.

His stock is about to RISE for the rest of May too.

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