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(00:00-02:35) – Greg Rakestraw is back with another edition of Soccer Saturday and kicked off the show by previewing the conversations he will be having with today’s guests and touches on the fallout of the Super League.

(05:37-19:12) – Head Coach of the Indy Eleven in Martin Rennie joined Rake on the Dan Dakich Show on Thursday and explained how he is feeling about his club right now going into the start of the season, how the process of blending new players into his system with the returning players is going, and broke down the skillset of some of the new players.

(22:13-36:05) – Brian Dunseth from SiriusXM’s Counter Attack joins Greg Rakestraw after the fallout of the Super League earlier this week to break down why teams were removing themselves from the league, if the teams will be punished at all for initially joining and then dropping out, and what the long term ramifications of the Super League fallout.

(39:07-52:38) – Head Coach of the Marian Knights in Gary Yohe stops by Soccer Saturday with Greg Rakestraw to describe how the season has gone for his team, how he is coordinating with their track coach since Erin Oleksak participates in both sports, and if he would like his players to take a break this summer after playing two seasons in one academic calendar year.

(56:40-57:28) – In the final seconds that Rake has left, he spends it thanking all of his guests who joined today’s show and previews next week show.

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