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The Ghost is back in town.

And boy was this a sight for sore eyes this afternoon.

The Colts have their deep threat back. And everybody knows that any gunslinger needs his big weapon down field. The T.Y. Hilton news most certainly made Carson Wentz breath a sigh of relief; But is Chris Ballard now about done?

Per multiple reports, Sammy Watkins was also visiting with the Colts on Wednesday. And on The Ride with JMV, John gave his perspective on the talented but often injured Watkins.

“Can you see both these guys on this team or is it one of the other,” JMV questioned. “You would have to think with how Ballard manages that position it is the latter. For the betterment of this offense, my suggestion is to bring in as many offensive weapons as you can. But that’s not how other people think.”

Watkins has missed at least five games in three of the last five seasons.

For as dangerous as he can be, that’s not ideal when you now have an aging Hilton, an injury prone Parris Campbell, and a budding star in Michael Pittman Jr. who may or may not be ready to take the full reigns of the command center.

Plus there’s also the question of if Wentz can follow up and do even better than what Philip Rivers did in 2020. Look, Rivers was a liability outside of the pocket; But otherwise he was rock solid.

11 wins, a post-season bid, and the best single season completion percentage since Peyton Manning in 2009.

That’s good.

“At some point we have to ask if the Colts are better according to you right now than they were a year ago,” JMV added. “I know that the window is supposedly just now opening, but come on now. If everything works out, great. But I think you’re putting a lot of stock in a guy like Campbell that you just can’t do right now.”

What’s the status of Zach Ertz as well?

For all we know, Ballard might be done. But for who is still out there, maybe he still does have something up his sleeve.

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