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In such an abnormal year, we haven’t gotten to know Indiana Pacers head coach Nate Bjorkgren on anything more than a superficial level.

Other than being a Nick Nurse disciple and having the biggest positive attitude we’ve ever seen, what can you say about Bjorkgren?

There isn’t a lot there.

Yeah, the Pacers are down two starters in T.J. Warren and Caris LeVert. But when you lose four games in a row for the second time in one half of a shortened season, there’s some major concern there.

“It’s all just too huggy, feel good and everybody gets a gold star at the end of the game,” Jeff Rickard said on The Fan Morning Show Tuesday. “Yes, there were bad nights under Nate McMillan too. But his teams were going to make it tough on you to score. I’m not sure if other teams are looking at the Pacers right now saying, man this is going to be a nightmare tonight.”

The Blue and Gold will be at Cleveland tomorrow night then at home on a back-to-back vs Denver on Thursday.

It’s a weird situation to be in too.

Let’s say the skid continues. On one hand, the All-Star break starts after the Nuggets game and you can kind of cut your losses and say let’s focus on the second half. On the other, you head into a week long stoppage carrying a potential six game losing streak.

“I just want a guy that can go in during the fourth quarter and get stuff done,” Big Joe added later on. “That’s what they’re missing right now. But I don’t know if Warren and LeVert are going to add enough to where you’re better than a .500 ball club.”

Middle of the road is probably not what Kevin Pritchard had in mind when he hired Bjorkgren.

Where’s the sense of urgency? Show us there’s something to be excited about for the second half.

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