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What a weekend it was for two of the best quarterbacks to ever do it.

Tom Brady scoops up his seventh ring and beats Patrick Mahomes in Super Bowl LV; And Peyton Manning gets the call to Canton, Ohio.

That just played out perfectly didn’t it?

Two of the biggest rivals in NFL history, (and on the golf course as we saw this summer), both had entirely different but unbelievable Super Bowl weekends.

Legendary Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday made his final appearance of the 2020-21 season on The Fan Morning Show Monday.

Saturday, the longtime teammate of “The Sheriff”, told Jeff Rickard and Kevin Bowen just how much Manning’s entrance to the hall should mean to the football world. He was with Manning at the time of the announcement.

“It was special because it doesn’t happen often,” Saturday said. “It’s the most well deserved first ballot vote. And for the guy who really set the tone for the Colts franchise, it was truly an honor to be with him. To look back and reflect, he changed the game. We had an absolute ball.”

While everyone is trying to push Mahomes as the next “GOAT” when he’s 25, maybe we should appreciate the guys that we have seen for so long right now. Mahomes’ time will come, but Brady winning another championship and Manning entering immortality is special.

Mahomes will be in Canton someday, but Manning paved the road for guys like him to get to this point.

Thank you #18.

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