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Anytime a rookie can get some high praise from former NFL players, it’s a good indication that their future in the league is bright. Jonathan Taylor received glowing reviews all across the sports spectrum for what he did in 2020.

But how about when it’s a guy like Marshall Faulk is the one leaving the five star reviews? That’s doesn’t happen everyday.

The former Indianapolis Colts running back and Hall-of-Famer jumped on The Ride with JMV Wednesday and spoke about the future of his former club.

Of course the conversation with JMV got around to the running back position. And Faulk, the longtime member of the Colts Ring of Honor, didn’t hold back on how much he likes #28.

“Oh man JT did really well,” Faulk said. “When (Marlon) Mack went down early in the season, I wasn’t sure what the run game would be like. There wasn’t really a training camp. And the question was what we were going to be. He stepped up big time and you could tell as the season went along he got stronger.”

The work Taylor put in this past season with the now retired running backs coach Tom Rathman was astounding.

Fumble problem? That didn’t last long.

Midseason slump? Over after three games.

We found out real quick that this dude can play with the best of them.

“The Colts have a really good back there and a great young backfield,” Faulk added. “What a pickup he was.”

With all the craziness that has ensued with the quarterback search, it’s nice to have a few consistent factors. One of them is most definitely in the backfield.

Taylor and Nyheim Hines are going to be able to gel with whoever Chris Ballard puts under center. You just hope we have that answer soon.

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