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Payback delivered.

The Indianapolis Colts lost to the Raiders at Lucas Oil Stadium last September 31-24. Across the country in Los Angeles, Philip Rivers fell to Jon Gruden’s team twice in 2019.

Sunday’s 44-27 win in The Entertainment Capital of the World was more than a business trip; It was a beatdown.

The Colts are rolling.

With the right play-calling from Frank Reich, Rivers playing up to the 25 million dollar contract, Jonathan Taylor red hot, and Kenny Moore catching Odell Beckham-like interceptions, is there anyone in the NFL with as much swagger presently as the Blue and White?

Sean Salisbury, good friend of The Dan Dakich Show, stopped by for his weekly segment on Monday to break down the massive win at Allegiant Stadium. He told DD that Chris Ballard signed Rivers for moments like these.

“If you don’t hit Rivers and he has time then he is going to beat you,” Salisbury said. “Offensively all around, the Colts looked like a team that said OK you’re going to have to deal with us come January. They’re a dangerous team and that’s why Philip is on this team; For these exact moments and games.”

In his past eight games, Rivers has 16 touchdowns to just four interceptions. He looks comfortable and confident behind an offensive line that clearly loves him. Anthony Castonzo came back after two weeks from an MCL sprain to play for his quarterback and team.

The win over Vegas was nothing short of team grit. When everyone plays a factor, good things are usually going to come forth.

“People underrate the offensive line continuity,” Salisbury added. “They know with a certain running back that sometimes you have to hang around a little longer with a block. When guys like Taylor get in a rhythm, they start to figure out when to put their foot in the ground. The great backs I’ve been around in football start to see the second hole open before the first one opens.”

This particular victory Monday felt a little different than others in the past.

Maybe it was because of all the highlight reel plays. But when you’re getting two touchdown games out of both Taylor and T.Y. Hilton, then add a defensive onslaught with pick sixes and interceptions, this was no ordinary win.

It’s one that will be remembered in that locker room for a long time.

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