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The sweepstakes around the NFL for Trevor Lawrence is heating up as we get ready to turn the calendar over to November.

With 16 teams either directly at or under .500, the race for the number one overall pick will be interesting to watch. But there are clubs in the league that probably won’t get the first selection who still need to solidify the quarterback position.

Denver, Jacksonville, and Washington could all be included in this category. Then there’s the Dallas Cowboys. Dak Prescott suffered a gruesome leg injury and then Andy Dalton took the starting reigns. But now after taking a massive hit this week, Dalton is in concussion protocol.

All of this begs the question, could a team be willing to jump in for a trade of Jacoby Brissett?

Monday on The Dan Dakich Show, Big Joe Staysniak brought up the point to DD on whether Jerry Jones would kick the tires on acquiring Brissett.

“In the situation they’re in, do you call Chris Ballard and ask what would it take to get Brissett off your team? I don’t know if Jerry would want that, but he’s not a tanking kind of a guy,” Big Joe said. “He was never really in love with (Prescott) and now he’s got even more of a reason to be questionable about Dak.”

The trade deadline is just a short time away as the clock ticks towards November 3. The Colts would also need to be comfortable enough in dealing away one of the league’s better backup QB’s. If Brissett goes, Jacob Eason would be another step closer to possibly taking his first snaps in the NFL.

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