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INDIANAPOLISThe question posed to Jacoby Brissett was about the Hall of Fame caliber quarterbacks he’s played with in his NFL career.

There’s Tom Brady, Andrew Luck and Philip Rivers.

When Brissett is reminded that he’s played with some great QBs, he also offers this:

“They have, too,” Brissett says in referencing himself.

He might have lost his starting job, but Brissett exuding confidence remains an unquestioned trait.

The 2020 season for Brissett has him backing up Philip Rivers, with an uncertain future staring him in the face.

Brissett, who will turn 28 years old in December, is in a contract year and will have a decision to make next spring on potentially looking for a chance to compete for a starting job elsewhere (Rivers is also in a contract year, but both the Colts and him think this will be a two-year marriage).

For now though, Brissett carries the NFL’s biggest cap hit ($21 million) for any backup quarterback.

Despite the Colts endlessly expressing their belief in Brissett as a capable starter, they showed their true feelings this offseason.

On Friday, as Brissett met the media for the first time in 2020, he mentioned that he was ‘surprised’ when Frank Reich called with the news that the Colts were going to sign Rivers.

When asked about his play last season—in contributing to the Colts making a change at quarterback—Brissett pointed to the Indy decision makers.

“I think that is a question for Frank (Reich) and Chris (Ballard),” Brissett said.

“I still believe in myself. I know I am a starter in this league. I know I can play at a very high level, I did it last year. But that is a question for Frank and Chris to answer for you.”

As far as 2020, the Colts have talked about possibly using Brissett in a 5-to-7 play package in games. Brissett, who says he has never had a role like that before, has had talks with Reich about being utilized in such a game plan.

What that exactly looks like remains a mystery, as does the NFL future for Brissett.

Seeing himself as a backup again?

That’s nowhere on his mind.

“I know,” Brissett says, “I’ll be a starter in this league one day again, wherever that may be.”