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(00:00-02:14) – Greg Rakestraw is back with another edition of Soccer Saturday and today’s show is jam packed with a lot of information and in the opening segment he tells you everything you need to know about today’s show and quickly recaps the victory and defeat for the Indy Eleven between last week’s show and today’s.

(05:16-16:18) – Head Coach Martin Rennie is back after another midweek victory this week to go over the way things unfolded against Hartford Athletic on Wednesday, what he thought of Drew Conner’s performance in their most recent match, and what he is expecting from Sporting Kansas City II  to come out and do to try and get their second win on the season.

(19:19-29:38) – One of Indy Eleven’s fullback’s and winger’s in Nick Moon joins the show to explain if he would have expected to have an opportunity to receive as much playing time as he has when he signed with the team in the off-season, what it’s been like to have the best view on the field for what Tyler Pasher has done so far this season, and what it’s like playing in Lucas Oil Stadium.

(32:39-45:46) – The final guest of today’ edition of Soccer Saturday is the head coach of the Butler Bulldog’s men’s soccer team in Paul Snape to discuss what the past five months have been like for him as a coach, give his opinion on how his guys will be feeling with the extra rest during the summer while not facing the same competition they usually do in the summer once college soccer restarts, and what the fall season would look like if they have one.

(48:46-55:55) – Greg wraps up today’s show updating you on the scores that happened this week in the MLS  is back tournament, why he is interested in Arsenal and Chelsea in the FA Cup, and reminds you when the Champions League resumes.