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INDIANAPOLIS – It’s the most talked about position in football.


And for the first time since 1997, there’s legit debate on who the starting quarterback of the Colts should be entering an offseason.


For now, it remains Jacoby Brissett.


But the quarterback questions for the Colts extend past just the debate over the starter.


Here’s a look at the quarterback questions facing Chris Ballard and the Colts this offseason:


-Will the Colts draft a quarterback?


It would be a bit stunning if the Colts went through the 2020 Draft, one in which they currently hold 9 picks, and didn’t select a quarterback.


Since 2013, the Colts are the only team in the NFL to not draft a quarterback.


You have to think that drought ends at seven straight drafts.


-Should the Colts draft a quarterback?


Just look around at the AFC for an answer at this question


You had 4 playoff teams who drafted a quarterback in the first round, despite having a winning season the year prior (Chiefs-Patrick Mahomes, Texans-Deshaun Watson, Bills-Josh Allen, Ravens-Lamar Jackson).


Even if the Colts wait a little to draft a quarterback in 2020, getting a youngster in the building for Frank Reich and his offensive staff to develop and mold is a must.


-How early should they draft a quarterback?


This is probably the hardest question to gauge.


So many factors, a lot of which are out of the Colts’ control, will play into how they handle the QB situation.


The run on quarterbacks (with the Bengals, Lions, Dolphins and Chargers) leading into the Colts’ selection at No. 13 overall will be something to watch.


Will the Colts fall in love with a guy, and feel the need to trade up to make sure they get their favorite QB?


Or are they content on waiting a bit, and relying on Frank Reich and the coaching staff to develop a non-Day One quarterback?


-Should/Will Jacoby Brissett be your starter Week 1 in 2020?


Unless the Colts have a major change of heart, Brissett still has to be thought of as the favorite to start Week One.


Even the selection of a quarterback in Round 1 wouldn’t guarantee Brissett wearing an earpiece on the sideline in the 2020 season opener.


The recent trend we’ve seen is more and more first-round quarterbacks beginning their careers by watching.


-Do you give a new contract to Jacoby Brissett?


The 2020 season is a contract year for Jacoby Brissett.


Once Andrew Luck retired last August, the Colts decided to re-work Brissett’s contract, thus pushing his ‘contract year’ label to 2020.


Brissett did not show enough in 2019 that makes him deserving of another new deal, which would indicate this franchise believes he is the quarterback of the future.


It’s time for Brissett to experience the pressure that comes with a contract year.


-Is Brian Hoyer your backup in 2020?


Last September, the Colts signed Brian Hoyer to a three-year deal, but made sure to offer a lot of frontloading on such a contract.


Is it time to part ways with Hoyer?


That decision probably isn’t going to be locked in until free agency and the draft plays out.


The selecting of a quarterback in the early rounds, would lessen the need to have Hoyer on the 53-man roster this fall.


-What is the future for Chad Kelly?


Even though the Colts refused to even have Chad Kelly dressing for the final two meaningless games, they kept him on the 53-man roster for a reason.


That’s because they want to continue to develop the 24-year-old Kelly.


Now, Kelly is an exclusive rights free agent in 2020, meaning his return to the Colts is likely.


Is another year on the practice squad likely for Kelly, or will he challenge for the backup spot, or even that No. 3 position on the 53-man roster?


-Are we finally done with the ‘what if Andrew Luck returns’ chatter?


Honestly, there will always be a section of fans out there still holding out hope for Luck, who will turn 31 years old this September, returning.


But Chris Ballard said last week it’s time to accept Luck’s decision and move on.


Just so we all know, the Colts still do have Luck’s contractual rights through the 2021 season.