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NBA In-Season Tournament Finals: Commissioner of the NBA Adam Silver Press Conference

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The NBA world has descended on the city of Indianapolis and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is one of the many calling Indy home for the next few days.  He joined us this morning to discuss a number of topics including why Indianapolis is a great spot for the All-Star Game, the streaming conundrum for regional sports networks and the grumblings from players like Tyrese Haliburton regarding the 65-game threshold that affects contracts and end of season awards.

We need to have our star players on the court.  A certain amount of resting, we recognize is appropriate.  We all compromised on the sixty-five game limit, which is eighty-percent of the season.  I’ve talked to Tyrese [Haliburton] about it.  He hasn’t missed the sixty-five threshold yet but what I’ve said to him is let’s wait until the end of the season and re-assess. – NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on the 65-game limit for super max contracts and end-of-season awards

Silver also addressed the concern from fan bases like the Pacers that league expansion may take the team from them.

I don’t even think of them [Pacers] as a tenant with a term.  The Pacers are Indiana’s team and are absolutely going nowhere.  This is the heartland of basketball.  This city punches so high above it’s weight when it comes to basketball and the NBA – NBA Commissioner Adam Silver silencing any concerns for Pacers fans of the team ever leaving

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