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Trackside - a picture of indy cars coming down the straight away at the IMS

Tonight, on Trackside with Kevin Lee and Curt Cavin, Kevin previews the upcoming show. Kevin talks about the Pacers game on national television, and how it compares to the race coming up at Thermal Club. Curt talks about how fans should keep an open mind for Thermal Club. They also talk about the NASCAR TV deal coming up, and how streaming only races will happen soon. They also compare the two TV schedules for IndyCar and NASCAR. 

Later in the first hour of the show, Kevin talks about NASCAR’s Championship Banquet, and what NASCAR Drivers may compete in the Indy 500 in the future. They also talk about the coverage the Indy 500 is getting even though it Is still several months out. 

Kevin rounds out the first hour answering some questions from tweets. 

In the second hour of the show, Curt is joined by Dave “Poppy” Popielarz, who is a former crew chief and also restores race cars for the IMS Museum. He talks about how he got into racing, the first drivers he got to know well, and what kind of drivers he was a fan of growing up. He talks about restoring cars, and what he is focusing on right now. He also talks about people correcting the cars he restores.  

During the second hour, Steve Wittich of Trackside Online joins the show to talk about some silly season happenings. He talks about who is in the most demand right now, and how money buys speed. They also talk about the legacy that Canadian motorsports journalist Norris McDonald left. They also talk about the most exciting things about the 2024 season. 

Kevin ends the show looking at some tweets.

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