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2nd year Wide Receiver for the Colts Alec Pierce called into the show. Jake provided a mea culpa to Alec after his stellar performance on Sunday. 

There have been times I’ve looked at it, where the scheme was not fitting to what you bring to the table, per se, and then I had to remind myself that Reggie Wayne also had a year where it was in year two where Reggie Wayne really took off. I think that we just get accustomed where receivers are supposed to be like Ja’Marr Chase right out of the box, which is unusual. So, number 1, mea culpa, because you had a hell of a play, and that’s why you’re there. So, when you are capable of making those kind of plays you gotta be on the field. So, I apologize for saying that when you were a rookie. 

Alec being only in his second year, Jake asks how much it helps to have Reggie Wayne as his coach. Jimmy asked how he’s been able to get through all the adversity of this year. Jake then asked what the moment was that really tested his internal fortitude. 

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