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Los Angeles Rams v Indianapolis Colts

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After four weeks of the season, Anthony Richardson has played in nine quarters and has made history in the process.

Richardson as a passer through three games has probably put up numbers that most people expected coming into the season.

  • 479 Yards Passing | 3 Passing Touchdowns | 1 Interception | 159.7 Passing Yards Per Game

The yards per completion is probably the bigger surprise with that being 6.7 yards. Entering the NFL Draft process, his accuracy in the short and intermediate passing game needed tuned. That has actually turned out to be the game plan from Head Coach Shane Steichen to start the season.

“I think that you can rest pretty certain that he is going to progress much more. The reason for that is because I think you see the progression from quarter to quarter. You see him maybe not make a throw in the first quarter that he should have made and then in the third or fourth quarter, he’s making that throw and beating that coverage. He has dedicated himself in a way that has completely floored his teammates and his coaches. That’s what helping him develop the way he is.”’s Stephen Holder said on Tuesday’s Query and Company.

Even though the Colts lost on Sunday to the Rams, there was a different feeling about the loss. The 21-year-old does not have a lot of experience in those situations where he has to be perfect for an entire half to give his team a chance to win.

Sunday’s game marked the second time that Richardson needed to lead his team down the field in the fourth quarter to win or tie, but he’s yet to deliver fully. The fact he was able to bring his team back to force overtime, had Colts brass impressed.

“I am usually a basket case after losses. I’m usually terrible after losses and just so angry, but this one feels different.” That’s what Colts General Manager Chris Ballard texted Stephen Holder on Monday morning after the overtime loss.

Holder went on to say, “They really think they have something in this kid with the way he brought them back. They feel like they have a guy and there is belief that I have never seen since Andrew Luck walked out the door.”

The next progression for Anthony Richardson will be snapping the seven game home losing streak the Colts are on currently. Additionally, the Colts have an opponent that they have struggled against as of late. Tennessee has won six of the last seven contest with the last win being in November 12th, 2020. The last home win over the Titans was November 18th, 2018.

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