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Yesterday, Colts GM Chris Ballard had some interesting comments when asked about Jonathan Taylor starting the year on the active/PUP list. 

“We’re not going to put a player on the field that’s still complaining of pain in the ankle. We’re not going to do that.“ 

Ballard’s comments, which specifically said that Taylor was still feeling pain, not that the ankle was still injured, raised some eyebrows. There have been rumblings that Taylor is not actually still suffering the effects of the ankle injury and surgery that ended his 2022 season early, which normally has a recovery time of 4-6 weeks.  

Taylor had surgery in January. While pain is subjective, and it is hard to claim that a player is not actually being truthful with an injury, it does somewhat defy logic that Taylor would still be feeling the effects of it to the point where he can’t practice, especially considering his dissatisfaction with his current contract.  

During Thursday’s edition of The Ride With JMV, Mike Chappell of CBS4 and FOX59 joined the show. Mike, who has previously reported that the Colts believe that Taylor is in fact staging a hold in, spoke about those suspicions. 

“I thought Chris was very, very careful with how he answered the question. He said, ‘Jonathan Taylor was still complaining about pain in his ankle.’ That’s different than saying ‘The ankle’s injured.’ I know we’re parsing words here. I was told that the team thought he should’ve, felt he should’ve passed the physical in July, when camp opened.” 

If Taylor is holding in and is not actually injured, things could get really ugly. The team could fine and suspend him, there is the possibility that his contract wouldn’t toll, not to mention how the league itself could come down on him. Brace yourself Colts fans. Things could just be getting interesting.  

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