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NFL: OCT 29 Saints at Colts

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With Halloween taking place on Tuesday, this seems like most appropriate edition of Sunday Scaries we’ve done. Plenty of frights to go around this past Sunday.  From the Colts piddling down their legs in the second half against the Saints, the Giants horrifying QB play, Kirk Cousins’ ugly injury and the latest ghastly primetime performance by the Bears.  There were some really good things that are in the running of “Good Scary”.  From the Bengals looking like the Super Bowl contender I thought they could be, Will Levis mayo plopping his way to victory, the Packers sucking and a whole lot more!  Let’s dive in!

Bad Scary: October Ends With Colts In Recent Familiar Territory

The Colts looked like they were ready to roll on Sunday when they ran out to a 17-7 lead over the New Orleans Saints.  Unfortunately, Shane Steichen and the offense forgot to keep running the ball and the defense looked like the zombies in the Thriller video with how they attempted to slow down Alvin Kamara, Taysom Hill and Rashid Shaheed in the second half.  It was a deflating loss at home, one we’ve seen far too often in recent years.  1-9 at Lucas Oil Stadium and now 3-5 on the season.  It looks like another season where any chance of playoffs and division hopes are all but gone before the calendar turns to November.  Will the Colts be sellers at Tuesday’s trade deadline?  If so, who stays and who goes?  Lots of questions and none of them fun ones to be asking before the kids shovel M&Ms and Sour Patch Kids down their gullets en masse.

Bad Scary: Is Brock Purdy Starting To Turn Into A Pumpkin?

After looking unstoppable for the first month and a half, the 49ers have plummeted back to Earth after suffering their third straight loss, this time to the suddenly resurgent Bengals.  Brock Purdy, who hadn’t thrown an interception in his NFL starts has now thrown five in the last three games and only found the end zone three times.   Is Mr. Irrelevant starting to fall back to Earth or is this just a rough patch? Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers better hope it’s the latter because the schedule doesn’t ease up any time soon.  Two games against the NFC West-leading Seahawks, the Jaguars, Eagles and Ravens are all still on the Niners schedule.  Turn it around quick or this could get uglier than another Freddy vs. Jason movie.

Good Scary: Will Levis Gives Titans Caffeine Boost (For At Least One Game)

PLOP!  PLOP!  PLOP!  PLOP!  That sound you hear is the four touchdowns Will Levis tossed in his NFL debut as the Titans topped the Falcons 28-23. Levis spun the ball for 238 yards, found DeAndre Hopkins for 3 scores and 128 yards and looked like he could be the heir apparent to Ryan Tannehill.  It’s only one game but surely we’re getting more Levis in the near future.  I’m already circling the Colts matchup with the Titans in early December for when I may have to do another mayo-coffee combination. We’ve got plenty of time before that but for at least one game Will Levis was the best QB of the 2023 Draft.

Good Scary: The Packers Join Every Other NFL Fan Base In QB Purgatory

Jordan Love stinks.  The Packers as a team really stink this year.  Is it just a transition year with the Packers hamstrung by dead cap space or is this the new normal for Green Bay?  Selfishly, I hope they struggle a bit.  They’ve had it too good for far too long and get to see how the other side live finally.  Love threw 24-of-41 passes for 229 yards, one touchdown and interception.  The running game is completely nonexistent.  Aaron Jones has only 123 yards on the season and there is no legit wide receiver threat on the roster.  Hard to feel bad for a team that’s had the QB situation solved for 30 years.  Keep the pain coming, I say!


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