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NFL: AUG 08 Indianapolis Colts Training Camp

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INDIANAPOLIS – Again, as “loser” as it may sound, the most important thing for the Colts in 2023 isn’t the number of wins and losses at the end of the year.

The development of Anthony Richardson stands above everything else.

But they keep score for a reason, and in a division where one Trevor Lawrence injury could really shift things in a hurry, you never know in the unpredictable NFL.

With all of that, let’s predict the Colts 2023 schedule:

1. Week 1, vs. Jaguars

NFL: AUG 24 Preseason - Colts at Eagles Source:Getty

Week 1, vs. Jaguars, Loss 27-20, Record: 0-1

I don’t see the streak of all streaks coming to an end. Make it an 11th straight season of the Colts unable to win their season opening game. Too much offensive skill around Trevor Lawrence for the Colts to truly slow down.

2. Week 2, at Texans

Houston Texans v New Orleans Saints Source:Getty

Week 2, at Texans, Win 24-17, Record: 1-1

This could be the first of a handful of “rookie QB vs. rookie QB” matchups for the Colts in 2023. Let’s go with the Colts to get an early road win in this game of AFC South basement dwellers from last year.

3. Week 3, at Ravens

Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens Source:Getty

Week 3, at Ravens, Loss 33-16, Record: 1-2

On paper, this has to be one of the “toughest” games of the Colts season. It’ll be a couple of dynamic quarterbacks facing off, but one with a much better supporting cast.

4. Week 4, vs. Rams

Los Angeles Rams v Indianapolis Colts Source:Getty

Week 4, vs. Rams, Loss 26-23, Record: 1-3

This is one I went back and forth on. Let’s say the Cooper Kupp hamstring is healed enough to make his usual impact. The Rams make the plays in the 4th quarter to win a road game.

5. Week 5, vs. Titans

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts Source:Getty

Week 5, vs. Titans, Win 20-17, Record: 2-3

It’ll be a low-scoring affair as the Colts play their third AFC South team of the season. The Colts get their first home win of the season with Matt Gay booting home a game-winning field goal.

6. Week 6, at Jaguars

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars Source:Getty

Week 6, at Jaguars, Loss 30-16, Record: 2-4

Is Jonathan Taylor making his season debut by this point? I see a season sweep for the Jags over the Colts, which means the drought in Jacksonville will extend to a 9th straight year.

7. Week 7: vs. Browns

NFL: AUG 26 Browns at Chiefs Source:Getty

Week 7: vs. Browns, Loss 27-23, Record: 2-5

Could the Browns be a playoff team in 2023? They are a team I think could push for a Wild Card spot. They get a win over the Colts as the trade deadline approaches.

8. Week 8, vs. Saints

Houston Texans v New Orleans Saints Source:Getty

Week 8, vs. Saints, Win 24-17, Record: 3-5

The Saints don’t do a lot for me in the potency department. How about Anthony Richardson going back into SEC country to get a win?

9. Week 9, at Panthers

Detroit Lions v Carolina Panthers Source:Getty

Week 9, at Panthers, Loss 24-23, Record: 3-6

Would the Colts really have drafted Anthony Richardson above Bryce Young? Will Frank Reich bring some Nick Sirianni-type emotion if this win occurs? This is the lone 4:25 PM kick of the season.

10. Week 10, vs. Patriots

Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots Source:Getty

Week 10, vs. Patriots, Loss 23-13, Record: 3-7

Foxborough or Frankfurt, I still don’t like a rookie QB facing a Bill Belichick defense. The Patriots beat the Colts in Germany.

11. Week 12, vs. Buccaneers

Baltimore Ravens v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Source:Getty

Week 12, vs. Buccaneers, Win 33-17, Record: 4-7

Returning from their bye, the Colts get their biggest and most impressive win of the season. Is Baker Mayfield still going to be the Tampa starter by late November?

12. Week 13, at Titans

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans Source:Getty

Week 13, at Titans, Loss 19-16, Record: 4-8

It’s a slugfest in Nashville as the Titans get a split in this season series. By this point of the season, will we see Malik Willis or Will Levis under center against the Colts?

13. Week 14: at Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Source:Getty

Week 14: at Bengals, Loss, 34-16, Record: 4-9

This is probably the toughest game of the Colts season. Hope Colts fans enjoy the skyline on the trip down I-74.

14. Week 15, vs. Steelers

NFL: NOV 28 Steelers at Colts Source:Getty

Week 15, vs. Steelers, Loss 27-13, Record: 4-10

It feels like Anthony Richardson wasn’t even alive the last time the Colts beat the Steelers. I see the Colts losing to the Steelers in Indianapolis for a second straight season.

15. Week 16, at Falcons

Cincinnati Bengals v Atlanta Falcons Source:Getty

Week 16, at Falcons, Win 31-23, Record: 5-10

A win streak to close the season? Why not. The Colts get a Christmas Eve (afternoon) win over the Falcons in their final road game of the year.

16. Week 17, vs. Raiders

Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders Source:Getty

Week 17, vs. Raiders, Win 20-19, Record: 6-10

This marks the 4th straight year that the Colts will play the Raiders, and I’m going with the Colts for a second consecutive season.

17. Week 18, vs. Texans

Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles Source:Getty

Week 18, vs. Texans, Win 27-20, Record: 7-10

-It’s a three-game winning streak to end this season, and a season sweep of the Texans.

18. Overall

Chicago Bears v Indianapolis Colts Source:Getty


-I guess I’m going with the ‘over’ on the win/loss total of 6.5. I really don’t think this schedule is very daunting at all. And this should be a team playing better at the end of the season than it does out of the gate. And I have 3 straight wins to close out the season, and 4 coming after the late bye week. Saying ‘7 wins’ out loud makes me a little uneasy, but I really think it’s possible when you start looking at the individual games on this schedule. Of course, a 7-10 record might be the worst thing for this season. It, obviously, wouldn’t be enough to make the playoffs, and could very well have the Colts drafting outside of the top-10, which is less than ideal when trying to find more important pieces around Anthony Richardson.

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