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NFL: NOV 26 Bills at Eagles

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NFL Week 13 Power Rankings: A Look At All 32 Teams

Alrighty guys, you know it’s time for this week’s weekly power rankings.

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Let’s jump into our NFL Week 13 Power Rankings: A Look At All 32 Teams below!

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1. Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles Source:n/a

We’re all still wondering how that 59-yard Jake Elliot field goal went in at the end of regulation. 

Last week: 1

2. Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Source:n/a

Did the Chiefs figure things out in the second half against the Raiders? I tend to remain skeptical but take a look at their schedule and tell me 12 wins isn’t a “sure thing” bet.

Last week: 2

3. San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers Source:n/a

In their current three game winning streak the Niners are scoring 30.6 ppg, allowing just 10 ppg, and are winning by nearly three TD’s. 

Last week: 5

4. Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens Source:n/a

Sunday’s win over the Chargers marked the first full game without Mark Andrews. Baltimore’s leading receiver was Isaiah Likely who caught 4 balls for 40 yards.

Last week: 4

5. Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Source:n/a

The Cowboys continue to climb as they’ve won three in a row by an average of 30 points per game.

Last week: 6

6. Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins Source:n/a

Friday’s win over the Jets saw an uptick in touches for Jeff Wilson Jr…11 carries and 3 receptions. Yet another weapon for the league’s most potent offense. 

Last week: 7

7. Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions Source:n/a

It wouldn’t have been Thanksgiving without the Lions gagging one away.

Last week: 3

8. Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars Source:n/a

If you take a look at their schedule, there’s a legitimate chance the Jags can get to 13 wins. That just might be good enough for top spot in the AFC.

Last week: 10

9. Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers Source:n/a

Offensive coordinator Matt Canada gets fired and Kenny Pickett throws for the most yards in a game this season (278).

Last week: 14

10. Houston Texans

Houston Texans Source:n/a

Sunday’s loss to Jacksonville marked Houston’s 7th straight one score game.

Last week: 9

11. Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns Source:n/a

The injuries are piling up as the Browns saw their starting QB, star WR, and Myles Garrett get injured in Sunday’s loss in Denver.

Last week: 8

12. Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills Source:n/a

From double digit lead to heartbreaking loss…Sunday’s loss in Philly exemplified Buffalo’s disappointing season. 

Last week: 12

13. Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos Source:n/a

That’s five straight wins for the Broncos and if they win Sunday in Houston they’ll officially be “in the mix”.

Last week: 16

14. Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks Source:n/a

Seattle has lost two straight and three of four. If they don’t get things going soon, they could see their playoff berth evaporate. 

Last week: 11

15. Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts Source:n/a

The Colts have won three in a row while taking care of business against bad teams, but now Jonathan Taylor is dealing with a thumb injury which could include missing a few weeks.

Last week: 18

16. Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings Source:n/a

Back down to earth for career backup QB Josh Dobbs throwing 4 interceptions against the Bears on Monday night.

Last week: 13

17. Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers Source:n/a

Don’t look now but the Pack have won two straight and three out of four. Additionally, Jordan Love had maybe his best game on Thanksgiving Day’s win over Detroit.

Last week: 24

18. Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams Source:n/a

The Rams were 3-5 and it looked like their season was going to faceplant. But I give Sean McVeigh and company credit for back-to-back wins and playing games in December that should matter.

Last week: 22

19. Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons Source:n/a

If the playoffs started today the Falcons would be the 4 seed. Can the NFL please consider a change to their seeding system?

Last week: 23

20. New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints Source:n/a

New Orleans plays just one team the rest of the way that has playoff aspirations. If they don’t win the NFC South that’s on them.

Last week: 12

21. Las Vegas Radiers

Las Vegas Radiers Source:n/a

I have to be honest, there’s not much to write about the Raiders. 

Last week: 19

22. Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals Source:n/a

Jake Browning did all he could in his first start on Sunday, but a quick look at Cincinnati’s schedule (and with no Joe Burrow) they might end up with just 5 wins.

Last week: 15

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Source:n/a

Todd Bowles showed on Sunday why he should be a coordinator and not a head coach. Indy’s first year man Shane Steichen ran circles around him.

Last week: 20

24. Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers Source:n/a

The only interesting thing about the Chargers is who in the media will head coach Brandon Staley scold after yet another loss.

Last week: 21

25. Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titians Source:n/a

After an impressive debut, Will Levis has been under 200 yards the last three games. 

Last week: 27

26. Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears Source:n/a

The Bears became the first team in the NFL to win this season without scoring a touchdown, and the victory was their first without a touchdown attached since 1993.

Last week: 28

27. New York Giants

New York Giants Source:n/a

In a span of 48 hours the Giants continued to sink their draft position and their GM gave the vote of confidence to QB Daniel Jones.

Last week: 29

28. Washington Commanders

Washington Commanders Source:n/a

In a year with so much promise the Commanders are 0-5 in the NFC East.

Last week: 23

29. New York Jets

New York Jets Source:n/a

Notice that Aaron Rodgers said he will only come back if the Jets are in playoff contention. Attention to A-Rod, they’ve been out of it since he was injured in week one.

Last week: 26

30. Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals Source:n/a

Who is Arizona going to take with the 2nd overall pick?

Last week: 30

31. New England Patriots

New England Patriots Source:n/a

The two Patriots QB’s combined for 136 yards and 3 interceptions against the Giants on Sunday.

Last week: 31

32. Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers Source:n/a

Enjoy your buyout money, Frank Reich.

Last week: 32

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