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Indy 500 Golden Badge With Jake Query - Presented By Chapman Heating & Cooling

An Exclusive Look Inside The Indianapolis Motor Speedway With Jake Query Thanks To Chapman!

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1. Ed Carpenter’s Garage | Golden Badge

2. Founding Fathers Of The Track | Golden Badge

Jake Query stops by Marion Universities campus to show you the connection between the campus and the Indianapolis 500!

3. The Birth Of The Track | Golden Badge

00:25 – Jake Query welcomes you back to another season of Golden Badge where he tells you the best stories and takes you behind the scenes to places you may never get to go!

00:45 – Jake starts by showing you where he is standing you can see a straight shot to downtown Indianapolis. That is because it is an old railroad line that is not there anymore.

1:00 – Jake dives into the history of the birth of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and how it was founded

4. The History and View Of The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Pagoda | Golden Badge

00:44 – Jake Query from the Top of the Pagoda. It was suppose to look like the old Japanese building. 1925 original Pagoda burnt down, rebuilt in 1926, in 1956 they tore that one down and built a new one in 1957.

1:55 – Jake shows you the view of turn one of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway from the top of the Pagoda. He also shows you the northern view of the track where you can see the IMS road course and turn 4 before the straight away at the IMS.

2:56 – Jake shows where the spotters stand at the top of the pagoda where officials talk to their drivers mainly for the road course. The most glorious view in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway of the city of Indianapolis.

5. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Trip Interview With Doug Boles | Golden Badge

00:55 – Jake asks doug to show hi some of the new things that have been added to the track. Doug talks about the first time he saw the indianapolis Motor Speedway. Jake talks about his first time at the Indianapolis motor Speedway. The memories of past family member that have been shared. Doug being the 11th president of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

4:43 – Car view of driving over the yard of bricks. the 3.2 millions bricks put in in 1902. 9 degrees in the banking of the turns. Doug talks about calling the drivers after practices to get their feedback about small or big issues with the track. Doug talks about all the surfaces under the pavement on the track.

7:00 – Jake asks how many original bricks are out in the wild? Doug shares when the speedway was last paved.

8:20 – view of driving around round 2

8:30 – Doug shares who works on the track and how efficiently they work on it. Doug says he rather work on the track at 3 in the morning other than when there are people in the grand stands. view going into turn one and view exiting turn one form the car. the memory of Scott Dixon fling through the air after turn 1.

11:57 – back stretch memory that kept Helio from winning his fourth Indy 500 earlier. messing up the grass does not bug Doug but when a driver does a burnout on the yard of bricks.

15:00 – Jake talks about the ones who have fallen at the IMS not coming back to haunt it but coming back to love it and cheer on the ones who are racing here now. Jake and doug talk on the silence in the morning, the energy during the race, the silence after the race.

16:35 – Jake brings up the Idea of the road course to Doug and when it started being envisioned. and Doug turns onto the road course to drive the course while they talk about it. Doug and Jake drive over the new curb on the road course.

22:30 – Doug states that the road course is ready for F1 and that him and Rodger Penske would love for them to come. Doug shows off the new performance center inside of turn 3 that you should be able to see during the race. 15 first aid locations that are free to the public unless something is seriously wrong with you.

29:00 – Doug talks about the performance center that will be open in May. 30 days a year the building will be used for a driving school and it will be a hospitality area on other days.

30:00 – Doug shows off the dirt track inside the IMS oval. driver footage driving around the dirt track. Did you know there was a dirt track inside the IMS?! Doug talks about two drivers begging to bet money to drive on the dirt tracks in the midget.

32:15 – Doug closes up the interviewing saying that the track is ready for fans and they are ready to see the stands packed to the brim once again! Doug talks about the most change coming from 2020 – 2021. catch fences are upgraded. the fences are made from a northern indiana company. Doug picks up a ;little speed on the back stretch of the Speedway. Doug explains the foam wall. Jake shares his thanks for Doug driving him around the track!

6. Inside the Indianapolis 500 Broadcast Command Center | Golden Badge

00:56Indiana Radio Network main control board for the radio signal you listen to during the race. Sam Rumpza is the main producer at the track during raceday. Sam rides the levels up and down for the person who is speaking on air during the race.

2:36 – Jake shows the television booth where all the action happens. NBC and others are located here. this is the view of the television booth for the greatest spectacle in racing.

7. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Walkthrough Gasoline Alley and The Woods | Golden Badge

00:25 – Jake shows off one of the most famous walkways in Indianapolis Motor Speedway which is Gasoline Alley where people line up to try to get autographs from drives and their crew. Jake shares the history of the garages when they were first built, what they looked like then, and what problems backfired in the garages. Jake brings up the huge fire burning down all of the garages in 1941. Jake takes a step into a garage for you guys to see 1 of 96 of them.

3:51 – Jake shows you the IU Medical Center on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway grounds. this is a partnership between IU Health and IMS that has lasted for over 100 years. the Indycar series carries their own medical team to every single race. After a wreck and a driver is released they walk up to a fence to answer all of the questions from the media. Jake shares the rare reason as to why a driver would need to be airlifted to the hospital.

6:52 – Jake shares some history of the racetrack and how there is some areas that are natural to the purchase of the IMS. Jake shows off two trees that have seen everything that has ever happened at the IMS. Thats right they are original.

8. Dex Imaging Media Center At The Indianapolis Motor Speedway with Jake Query | Golden Badge

00:25 – Jake Query shows off the 4th floor of the Dex Imaging Media Center. This is where if someone had a good day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway they would end up going here to get questioned by the media. One of the great traditions at the IMS is there is a black board in the media center that will have all cars 4 lap average along it for people to see who qualified where.

2:40 – Jake shows where the new location of the IMS Radio Network booth is and why it is called the Sid Collins booth. Where Mark Jaynes the chief announcer – voice of the Indy 500 sits during the Indy 500. A look into how the radio broadcast is directed during the race.

5:14 – Jake Query shows you the view from the turn 3 broadcast perch. The Broadcast perch is where Jake calls his part of the race during the Indy 500. Jake is the 11th person to call the race in the turn 3 broadcast perch. Jake shows his connection box on how he is able to be heard and how he receives the sound of the race from the main board. Jake shows what happened if an announcer needs to go to the bathroom.

7:22 – Jake shows off the ground floor photo office. The IMS hires 15-20 photographers during the month of May to take pictures of everything that goes on. In the museum there is a photo room where you can buy any photo ever taken at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Jake shows the old photo dark room where the negatives would come to life. Golden Badge inside info… the photo room is the only place in the Pagoda that has private bathrooms.

9. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Winners Circle and Green Room | Golden Badge

00:23 – Jake shows you victory circle and the heartbeat of the public address for the IMS. the reminders of the late ones who use to be the public address announcers. where a lot of famous people will sit on race day. Jake shows you where timing and scoring sits during the race.

3:07victory podium of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Jake also shows you the lift on how the cars get up on victory podium. Victory podium is also where the national anthem or all the songs prior to the race. if you participate in helping getting the crowd ready for the Indy 500 you get to sign the wall.

4:41 – IS IT MAY YET? jake shows up close the new aero screen to help keep the drivers safe during the race. all 33 drivers accumulate here before they get introduced before the race. this place is home of the greatest tradition of all of racing. it is where the milk is stored for the winner of the Indy 500.

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