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Why do we keep kidding ourselves year-after-year during the College Football season? For some reason, fans nationwide convince themselves that at some point, the little guy is going to get a shot in the College Football Playoff. For a while, I was also drinking the kool-aid on this notion. News flash – It’s never going […]

Last week, we said right here inside The BK Lounge that if the Buffalo Bills weren’t good enough to overlook the Jacksonville Jaguars, neither were the Indianapolis Colts. And in a game that the Colts were lucky to get out of in the 4th quarter, that ended up being true. It also probably helped that […]

The bright lights are on again around the Hoosier State. Mackey, Hinkle, Assembly, Purcell. You name it, we are rolling again. Welcome back College Basketball. The five month wait for hoops to return around here was a little different for all of us than past years right? We went from 100-0 real quick after the […]

The Indiana Pacers have the ability to frustrate us year-after-year but for completely different reasons. Last season, Nate Bjorkgren’s Pacers had zero life to their game. No pizzazz, boring play, and zero sense of pride. To be fair, after Victor Oladipo was traded and when T.J. Warren went down, it was a massive blow to […]

Yesterday’s slate of games across the National Football League made my brain hurt. Game after game, drive after drive, play after play, there was just no flow to any of the battles we saw in Week 9. I’m truly thankful that the Indianapolis Colts didn’t have to play yesterday. Or else we probably would have […]

Finally after nearly four years, primetime football is coming back to Lucas Oil Stadium on Thursday night. Yes. Remember what you were doing on December 14, 2017? Well even if you don’t I can probably assume you weren’t very happy. On that night Thursday night in Indianapolis, the Denver Broncos and *checks notes* Brock Osweiler […]

Imagine a baseball movie where a story was told about a team that faced an abysmal amount of adversity that had very little to do with the actual guys on the field. The tale that is presented features the ballclub being sanctioned by Major League Baseball in such a punishing way that their General Manager […]

Well you could see this coming from a mile away. More specifically, Sam Ehlinger being announced today as the Indianapolis Colts backup quarterback to Carson Wentz following the release of Brett Hundley has been in the works for months. During training camp when Wentz needed his foot surgery, it was Ehlinger who helped teach Hundley […]

Must-win, gotta have it, crucial, playoff dependent. However you want to describe Sunday at 1 PM between the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans, it’s probably accurate. Everybody and their brother knows how gigantic of a match-up this is when you look at the AFC South picture. Well, everybody except CBS. We will once again be […]

There comes a point where it can’t just be bad luck right? You can say what you want about the Indiana Pacers running it back. But here’s the real problem. We may never know if committing to another season with this core ended up being a strong decision. There is zero consistent minutes and time […]