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The start of the week before Christmas definitely shook some feathers around Central Indiana in the High School sports world. Here’s why. Woah. Center Grove, back-to-back 6A Football State Champion, and Carmel, the defending 4A State Basketball Champs, are both going to have a new home. They won’t end up moving far from each other […]

Herb Simon has given his blessing. And soon he may sign his John Hancock on trade papers to change the state of the Indiana Pacers as we know them. Bob Kravitz had it first here locally along with the brain of NBA rumors himself, Shams Charania. Caris LeVert has never taken off in Indy. Which […]

Imagine that you’re Jordan Belfort back in the day on Wall Street. You’re getting towards Christmas and the holiday season, working hard, and looking forward to celebrating big with your family and friends. The week before the big holiday break, you have the most impactful sales period of the year; Closing it out on a […]

Same stuff, different year. Major League Baseball is a mess. I say that to you as somebody that works in and has devoted a major part of my life to the game. It’s a disaster. The sport that expects young eyes and ears to just attract themselves to it without any effort what-so-ever continues to […]

You can play the what-if game with every sports franchise in existence with wins and losses. However, when those same thoughts come about with the squad you follow and root for, that’s when it hurts. And that boys and girls is where we are with the Indianapolis Colts. A 6-6 football team after the 38-31 […]

It doesn’t matter what the halftime score was. As egregious as it was, it’s not a matter of Jonathan Taylor getting zero run touches in the third quarter either. (More on that Monday). No matter what the Indianapolis Colts did against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, if the game was close […]

The week before Christmas this year won’t just be for last minute shopping and deep cleaning your house before your family comes over. That’s because the NFL made a very wise decision to schedule the Indianapolis Colts vs New England Patriots game inside Lucas Oil Stadium for primetime times a million. We’ve got Colts football […]

Has the Indianapolis Colts defensive core been perfect? Absolutely not. Has it been disruptive? You sure bet. Matt Eberflus and the defense has had their shining moments, embarrassing stretches, and everything in between. They weren’t kidding though during training camp when they answered the team’s takeaway goals for 2021. “We want 40,” Khari Willis told […]

Now that’s what we’re talking about baby. You want it, they did it. The Indianapolis Colts have avenged their loss in Buffalo, New York from this past January in the playoffs and defeated the Buffalo Bills 41-15 in dominant fashion. When I was doing The Fan Morning Show at the time with Kevin Bowen and […]

Let’s think back to January. First of all, that feels like forever ago. Secondly, the first thing that comes to mind is what could have been for the Indianapolis Colts. Philip Rivers was leading a group through a hell of a late season push to the postseason. Drawing the Buffalo Bills didn’t help, but the […]