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We interrupt this NBA Trade Deadline Frenzy to bring you an update on the Major League Baseball lockout. The update is that it’s going nowhere fast. As I told you last month, the blame for potentially having to can Spring Training is a shared blame between the owners, players, and Commissioner Rob Manfred. Here’s what […]

The basketball world is buzzing after the acquisition of Tyrese Haliburton by the Indiana Pacers from the Sacramento Kings. As it should be, by the way. Haliburton is a huge piece to the future puzzle that Kevin Pritchard and the Pacers will construct. You just picked up your franchise point guard. Sorry, Malcolm Brogdon. As […]

Is Aaron Rodgers to the Colts a pipe dream? On paper, you would think so. But hey, this is the NFL. One thing is for sure. If Jim Irsay is serious about making a quarterback change from Carson Wentz, (and I mean more serious than liking some random dude’s tweet in the middle of the […]

Jim Irsay is sending his Twitter followers to the Super Bowl in Los Angeles. Unfortunately for the Indianapolis Colts owner, those tickets are for a game that his team won’t be playing in; Not even close. It has been well documented on what is wrong with the state of the Colts right now. There’s plenty […]

There haven’t seemed to be many tears shed by Colts Nation over the departure of former defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus. Meanwhile in the land of the Chicago Bears, fans and media have their hopes at an all-time high for what their team can be in 2022 and beyond. By all-time high, I mean just like […]

It’s still to be determined of what the 2021-22 Indiana Pacers will be remembered for. So far, Lance Stephenson’s 20 point first quarter, the season sweep of the Utah Jazz, and the back-to-back road wins over the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors are leading candidates. Not bad when you consider not only who […]

When it comes to Chicago sports, you have to be a straight shooter. That’s the case whether you’re a player, coach, broadcaster, writer, or fan. You can’t sugarcoat things in that town. Trust me. Plus, if you’re not short and to the point and you call into ESPN 1000 to spit hot takes, you’re getting […]

Let me start by saying this. I love the game of baseball. I’ve adored it as a fan since I was a kid and now into adulthood. Of course now, I love it from a totally different perspective, as a broadcaster. Working on the media side of the game, you gain a new appreciation for […]

As covered on The Fan earlier on Monday specifically with Kevin Bowen and Jake Query, Matthew Stafford is balling out. I really hope Stafford wins a Super Bowl. It’s good for him, good for football, and good for Detroit Lions fans who still adore him apparently. Like KB and Jake discussed, what kind of bourbon […]

Chris Ballard has had a whirlwind week. Last Saturday, it was all systems go and the Indianapolis Colts were preparing for a playoff run. Then Sunday came along. In what was embarrassing, degrading, silly, and pathetic, the Jacksonville Jaguars took the Colts out back and put them out of their misery. The roof of Colts […]