Last night, the Colts left Denver with a 12-9 victory in hand to go along with countless questions about this football team. Can this offensive line ever find a way to protect Matt Ryan? Is Ryan washed? Will this team ever score more than 20 points? The truth is, after five games it’s hard to […]

It was one of the hardest games to watch but the Colts walked out of Empower Field At Mile High with a 12-9 overtime win over the Denver Broncos.  The Colts improved to 2-2-1 on the season but there continue to be more questions than answers with this team. Is Matt Ryan done? How is […]

Frank Reich suggested ahead of training camp that he would suggest drafting Nyheim Hines to his fantasy team, suggesting the running back was in store for a big year and an expanded role in the offense.  If you followed that strategy, you’ve likely dropped Hines from your team at this point or he’s buried on […]