From my (Jake Query) IMS Radio perch atop the Northeast Vista, I’ve seen ya. I’ve seen ya pulling names from a hat and the driver’s name you  pull end up being your favorite for the next 500 miles. So, for the 33 days leading up to the race, I figured I’d let ya know more […]

I grew up a huge Indiana basketball fan, and, like everyone, I grew up an even bigger fan of March Madness.  Yes, Cleveland State and Richmond and Seton Hall each took their turn as my personal Ides of March, but it never fully dampened my enthusiasm for the teams, schools and players of the NCAA […]

Snuggle in kids, Uncle Jake is gonna tell you a bedtime story. It’s neither a fairy tale, nor a pending nightmare, and it has some bizarre characters throughout. We won’t yet know if it has a happy ending, but you can take comfort in the fact that kids all over the country have heard a […]

As we drove the final stretch of Mississippi Hwy 49E, I think we both noticed the barren trees that lined the roads. The temperature inching towards 80 degrees, the branches offered no hint of a bloom. “It’s like the whole county is clouded by death”, uttered the man in my passenger seat.  Indianapolis native Dan […]

I first attended an NFL game in the final week of the 1979 season.  It was a little more than 90 days past my 6th birthday, and my Dad had scored tickets for a heated AFC Central showdown between the 3-12 Cincinnati Bengals & the 9-6 Cleveland Browns. Clash of the Ohio titans. Week 16, […]

It started out innocently enough. During one of my weekly chats with JMV- I’m usually on at 4PM on Mondays, by the way- John referenced me as “IU graduate Jake Query.” “JMV”, I said, “I’m a product of Indiana University, but not a graduate. I attended, but never graduated.” Yep. that’s me. Jake Query. College […]