The Colts have been extremely quiet in free agency outside of a couple of minor signings or bringing back in-house free agents.  They haven’t even attempted to sign anyone at positions that are in dire need of upgrades like wide receiver, left tackle and tight end despite having over $20 million remaining in cap space. […]

It took awhile for the Colts to find their starting quarterback for 2022 but they did when they traded for Matt Ryan but now that they have their QB they have stood pat when it comes to actually giving him weapons to work with.  The Colts have arguably one of the worst wide receiver/tight end/left […]

It’s late March and the Colts have a new starting quarterback in Matt Ryan.  I think it’s a solid move that not only gave them at least a couple of seasons of stability at the most important position in sports, but it also didn’t cost anything more than a single third-round pick for it to […]

Matt Ryan is the Colts new starting quarterback with the Colts sending a 2022 third-round pick to the Atlanta Falcons in exchange for the soon-to-be 37-year old Boston College alum. It seems like finally, the Colts 2022 off-season can officially commence.  Weeks of waiting, arguing, speculating about who will be under center for the Colts […]

“Well it’s Groundhog Day….again.” Famous words from Bill Murray’s character Phil Connors from ‘Groundhog Day’, in which the insensitive weatherman relives the same day over and over again when stuck in a time loop.  Colts fans are the Phil Connors when it comes to fan bases every year free agency rolls around. Every year we […]

As you know by now the Indianapolis Colts pulled the plug on the Carson Wentz Experiment and sent him to the Washington Commanders.  What we don’t know is who is actually going to be under center for the Colts when the regular season kicks off in September.  There are plenty of options whether it be […]

The Colts continue to drag their feet on a definitive decision on Carson Wentz and in the process may have cost themselves dearly. The news broke early afternoon on Tuesday that Aaron Rodgers would be returning to the Green Bay Packers on a new deal.  The actual language of the contract has been disputed as […]

Mitch Trubisky as the next Colts starting quarterback?  No, this isn’t a way too early attempt at an April Fool’s joke from a scarred lifelong Bears fan.  This apparently has actual legs, at least from a national perspective, amongst some of the NFL’s biggest newsmakers.  Could it be show fodder to fill the dead time […]

On Thursday’s edition of Kevin & Query, Kevin Bowen and Jake Query were live at the NFL Scouting Combine and were joined by Colts head coach Frank Reich.  The conversation touched on a number of topics, unsurprisingly quarterback Carson Wentz and his future with the team was front and center.  They also dove into off-season […]

We’ve all seen that couple.  Maybe some of us have even been that couple.  The one where things are rocky at best and despite trying to put on a brave face in public or amongst friends everybody knows it’s not working out. “We’re working through it.” That’s what General Manager Chris Ballard said in response […]