With Halloween taking place on Tuesday, this seems like most appropriate edition of Sunday Scaries we’ve done. Plenty of frights to go around this past Sunday.  From the Colts piddling down their legs in the second half against the Saints, the Giants horrifying QB play, Kirk Cousins’ ugly injury and the latest ghastly primetime performance […]

Eric Dickerson’s Halloween Game For The Colts in 1988 Was A Night To Remember On October 31st, 1988 The Colts were given the opportunity of a lifetime by receiving the chance to be a part of Monday Night Football, the only game on Halloween that year, a chance to play in front of a virgin […]

Going into yesterday's game against the Cleveland Browns, Jonathan Taylor rushed the ball 14 times for 37 yards. He returned closer to 2021 form and was a bright spot of the Colts offense despite the 39-38 loss.

It’s time for another edition of Sunday Scaries, this time we’re talking about what happened during Week 7 of the NFL Sunday calendar.  Yes, I know there was no Sunday Scaries for Week 6.  I was on vacation and if you needed a fix for Sunday Scaries just imagine driving in a car with your […]

The Colts put a lot of hope in Anthony Richardson.  Not just investing the fourth overall pick in him but the hope and optimism his presence brought to the franchise and fan base was the highest since Andrew Luck ran out of the Lucas Oil tunnel.  Less than six weeks into the NFL season and […]

Entering the 2023 season one observation was clearer than most when looking at the Indianapolis Colts roster: there’s a lot of bodies in the tight end room. It’s a crowded group filled with players that have a wide variety of skills, but have yet to see one from their ranks emerge as a clear cut […]

It’s a Monday in the NFL season which means it’s time for another dive into Sunday Scaries, the best and worst from the NFL Sunday slate of games.  There’s still a lot of middle ground five weeks into the season but there are some true contenders that are separating themselves from the pack (hello, 49ers and Eagles) […]

“The irresistable force against the immovable object” is a saying tattooed in my brain since childhood.  I know it’s a phrase that has been around forever but I’ll always associate with pro wrestling, specifically the late, great Gorilla Monsoon using it to describe the Wrestlemania 3 main event between Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant […]

We’re almost a quarter of the way through the NFL season already and we’re starting to see some teams really separate themselves from the pack a lot of middling teams and some woefully inept teams. Before the Seahawks and Giants put a bow on Week 4 tonight, let’s take a look at some of the […]

The Colts are an impressive 2-1 to start the season and while he sat out due to concussion protocol in Sunday’s win over the Ravens, Anthony Richardson is the guy that everyone is focusing in on.  Hopefully, Richardson gets out there on Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams but his limited body of work has […]