Let’s Parlay

  The aftershocks from Andrew Luck’s sudden retirement can still be felt throughout the city of Indianapolis. Colts fans everywhere are left wondering what could have been. An AFC Championship? Perhaps a Lombardi Trophy? Now oddsmakers project the Boys in Blue to win just 7 games, a rather bleak outlook compared to a week ago. […]

  “The waiting is the hardest part.” –Tom Petty   If you read “Let’s Parlay” last week, you may have noticed that I like to close each of my articles with a quote. However, this particular Petty lyric has such an obvious connection to the following few sentences that I couldn’t resist putting it up […]

  If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thrilled at the prospect of making some extra cash at the betting windows in a legal, regulated sports betting market. All that “useless” knowledge you’ve had stored in your brain for years could really pay off. But sports wagering isn’t as simple as naming the MLB’s top […]

  Hello, ladies and gents, and welcome to “Let’s Parlay”, a blog about sports betting in the heart of central Indiana. I’m Stephen Sobek and I’ll be your guide for the next few months as we navigate the brand new betting landscape pertaining to the Colts, Pacers, Purdue, IU, Ball State, Notre Dame, etc.   […]